3 Reasons Why the Ocean Terrace is La Jolla's Cozy Winter Secret

As San Diegans, we are blessed to have mild, sunny weather year-round. We can go surfing, enjoy a beautiful hike and even get away with wearing flip flops in the middle of “winter.” But, often we forget just how special dining al fresco this time of year can be.

Here are three reasons why winter is a local's favorite season for outdoor dining in San Diego:

  1. Sunsets & Stars – You may have noticed that your Instagram and Facebook feeds light up with breathtaking sunset pictures around this time of the year. The low tide and high clouds we tend to get during the winter months combine to produce some seriously gorgeous sunsets. Daylight saving time starts March 11, 2018 which means even more time for ample viewing. And once the sun goes down, the show’s not over.

    Few things complement a delicious meal like a full moon and a sky full of stars. Add the sound of ocean waves from La Jolla cove to that equation and open air dining becomes pure magic.

  2. Romance, Romance, Romance – Surely, we’ve all heard that the way to a man’s heart (and arguably a woman’s heart too) is through the stomach. But, a few small details can go a long way in setting the mood for a romantic meal.

    We offer warm, cozy blankets to all of our outdoor dining guests to keep them comfortable when the nighttime temperatures go down. Soft, glowing candles and heaters add intimacy and warmth to the experience so you can concentrate on enjoying time with your sweetheart while we take care of the cooking.

  3. Forget the Tourists – Summertime dining in San Diego can mean a lot of out-of-towners and long wait times.

    Here’s an insider’s secret: we have little to no wait for dinner on our Ocean Terrace this time of the year. So, avoid the crowds, come join us for dinner, and let’s cheers to our favorite part of winter besides outdoor dining…not living in the Polar Vortex. Make a Reservation >>