An Interesting Request from Daniel Boulud

An Interesting Request from Daniel Boulud

When Daniel Boulud asks, you answer. Although I was a bit scared when I received the invitation to contribute a design piece for Chef Boulud's new restaurant—a second outpost of DBGB in Washington D.C.—I was also honored and knew I had to do it. I know Chef Boulud through my involvement with the ment'or BKB Culinary Council, which he co-founded with Chefs Paul Bocuse and Thomas Keller (hence, "BKB").

The requirement was to paint a picture that represents our restaurant/philosophy/style on a white plate. We were to use only the black and red paint they would provide via mail. I had a month to complete it and started thinking of possibilities as I waited for the paint to arrive.

It’s a great question... What image best represents what we stand for at the restaurant?

I knew it had to be product/ingredient focused. We were getting beautiful radishes from Chino Farms at the time, so I had the idea of using a radish as a stamp and making it kind of abstract. After several attempts that were not working, I started getting more nervous. I spoke to my partner, George, who said his first thought was to depict an uni. What a great idea! San Diego is famous for uni. It’s an item we try to keep on our menu. And it’s one of my favorite things to eat.

After several rough attempts, I went for it and am happy with the result. Check out photos of the process below and take a look at some of the original artwork fellow chefs submitted.

Getting Started


A New Direction

The Process

Finishing Touches