Celebrating Sustainable Seafood

Celebrating Sustainable Seafood
Sustainable Seafood Week begins this Wednesday, April 18, and runs through April 25. Sustainable seafood is part of our overall philosophy at George’s. We’ve been choosing what we think of as sustainable species for a long time now, and always used our local species – white seabass, black cod, spot prawns, spiny lobsters, yellowtail, etc.
We put white seabass on the menu years ago when no local high-end restaurant was using it; the same with yellowtail. We put sardines on the menu 10 years ago, selling very few at first, but over time more and more people came in for them. One of my most favorite fish is mackerel. While it’s still a bit of a hard sell, I think it’s one of the best fish out there and I enjoy introducing it to people that have never tried it before.  
A few of the dishes featuring sardines that we've had on the California Modern menu over the years.
Sustainability is a complicated issue. Everything we do is important, from the way we care for the earth, to the idea of not taking more than we need, to being aware of our effect on the environment. When it comes to sustainable seafood, the issue is just as complicated. These are just a couple of things we take into consideration:   
  • If you’re buying sustainable product but not buying it locally, is that still considered sustainable? You have to factor in the fuel, the packaging material (often Styrofoam) and the fact that your dollar is leaving your community.
  • While we may not like aquaculture, we believe that by supporting the good farms that are trying hard to do the right thing, you help to move the industry forward. The reality is aquafarming is here to stay if we want to keep eating fish.

As is always the case, we'll be offering a variety of sustainable seafood items on our California Modern menu this week, including sardines and black cod.