Review: ChuckEats calls California Modern 'Of the Place'

Chuck, one of the most respected food bloggers (, was in recently and allowed us to cook for him. Here's a bit of what he had to say.

My upcoming project, hopefully of interest to most readers and bloggers, to be announced shortly, brought me unexpectedly (and hopefully repeatedly) to La Jolla, California, a wealthy suburb of San Diego. It would be easy to sum it up as beaches and resorts but there is a thriving food community focused on quality. Chino Farms, of Alice Waters fame, in nearby Rancho Santa Fe, seems to be a primary inspiration for the area. George’s at the Cove itself could be earmarked for tourist trap – three restaurants, one a rooftop bar, all with views of the ocean. But Trey Foshee, George’s chef, has done a remarkable job of evoking San Diego  and capturing its culinary essence – on the plate.

True Snapper – tomato pulp, persimmon, wild fennel pollen

On his site, Chef Foshee says "it's about combining them (ingredients) in ways that bring out the individual flavors yet allow them to bounce off each other.” The beautiful fish, fresh and tender, was cut slightly thicker in the middle and gave it a touch more bite. The slight sweetness of the fish paired well with the persimmon, and was cut by the tomato’s acidity, but I did find the persimmon, no favorite of mine, a touch overpowering. The dish harkened the end of summer – San Diego’s bountiful wild fennel season drawing to a close, tomatoes winding down, persimmons just coming in, and the last few days of available True Snapper. This was a powerful start – it delivered on Foshee’s goal – and set a high bar for the remaining dishes in terms of ingredient quality and execution.

Alaska Halibut Ceviche – avocado, coconut, ginger, toasted young rice

An excellent re-imagining of ceviche that still hit those ‘ceviche expectation’ pleasure centers while offering a modern twist. The coconut foam, approaching a mousse texture, grounded the dish in taste familiarities, but gave the dish new life. The ginger gelee, sitting atop, liquified in the mouth, providing another interesting textural component and evenly distributed across the palate.


You can read the full blog post at: And be sure to check out his other blog posts as we are in rarified territory.