Craft at the Cove with Adele Stratton

Monday, June 4, 2018 - 5:30am to 9:30pm

On Monday, June 4, we're excited to welcome Adele Stratton from Jaynes Gastropub in North Park behind the bar for our next Craft at the Cove cocktail event.

Stratton, has been a pillar within the local bartending community for years, growing up within Noble Experiment and eventually becoming a mentor to many now successful bartenders around town. She now runs the cocktail program for Jaynes Gastropub and is a local rep for Chareau, a cucumber/aloe eau de vie (unaged brandy) who will also be sponsoring the event.

"Adele has put together an inventive, artistic cocktail menu prepared conceptualizing the color black, 'as a background from where colors are allowed to pop'" said Stephen Kurpinsky, George's Head Bartender/Spirits Director. "We're excited to have her join us!"

Head over on Monday, June 4 beginning at 5:30pm to see what happens. 


*NOTE: This is a free public event. Food and beverages are available for purchase. Space is limited. Admission based on a first come, first served basis.