Golden Trout at California Modern

golden trout

At California Modern, we celebrate San Diego through our ever-changing menu. Locally sourced, seasonal ingredients are the heart of our kitchen. Read on as our chef Jonathan Bautista shares his perspective on an outstanding new dish to try for our seafood enthusiasts:

Golden Trout

"The Golden Trout we serve comes in so fresh it still is in rigor mortis because it is caught the same day and shipped to us from Idaho. It is sourced from a farm along the Snake River in Idaho’s Magic Valley. It is situated on top of an abundant supply of the purest spring water in the world, from the Rocky Mountains. The dish is complimented with lightly grilled chicories from Chino Farms, roasted salsify, sweet and acidic gooseberries from a local farmer's market and an umami seaweed butter which brings it all together."

Wine Pairing

Saxon Brown Winery

California Modern sommelier/general manager Matt Strickler: "Jeff Gafner, storied winemaker for the Black Kite and Hestan labels, owns a fantastic winery named Saxon Brown. His 2013 Saxon Brown “Durell Vineyard” Sonoma Coast Chardonnay is at once both complex, slightly reductive (lending it a flinty, gun smoky character), and generous with acid. This bold yet balanced Chardonnay is a great pairing with the Golden Trout as it has complexity in plating as well. The nori butter, balanced with earthy mushrooms and the brightness of preserved lemen, gives this plate a richness that demands a richer style white wine. The Saxon Brown Chardonnay plays this role to a T. It is crafted in the style of a Mersault, yet with enough oak and richness to be undeniably Californian: a versatile and delicious wine for a complex and approachable plating of Trout."

With our nightly dinner menus, we strive to provide a flavor-forward dining adventure for guests to encounter a sense of place, a sense of time and an element of surprise. Come join the conversation and dine with us a California Modern.

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