How To Drink Your Way Through Neighborhoods of San Diego


The idea was simple: tell the story of San Diego's diverse neighborhoods through cocktails. The execution was challenging. How do we mix up Point Loma into a drink that is synonymous with the neighborhood? How do we bottle up the magic of Little Italy into a cocktail?

Launched a year ago today, our Neighborhoods of San Diego concept menu and cocktail book is our team's attempt to pay tribute to San Diego and the neighborhoods that make up this region through 23 original craft cocktails. The book has received both local and national praise and it's the only one of its kind available in San Diego. We couldn't be more proud of the final product.

We often get asked, "Which cocktail should I try?". With 23 choices, we get it... there are a lot options. So, we asked our Level2 Bar Manager and co-author, Sam Peters for his take on some of the most noteworthy concoctions. Here's what he had to say:

Which cocktail gets ordered the most?
Answer: La Jolla

"The La Jolla is the most popular cocktail on the menu. Guests love margaritas and the saline ice cube filled with seaweed makes this an elegant variation on a long-lasting classic cocktail. It is a great representation of not only our neighborhood, but of San Diego as a whole."

Which cocktail gets shared the most on Instagram? 
Answer: Balboa Park

"The Balboa Park it our most photogenic cocktail on the menu. Our take on a Pisco sour is beautiful, from the color to the glass. The glass is a great representation of the historical architecture in the area, and the syrup made with blackberries and hibiscus are esthetically pleasing, and play off the smells and flavors of the park itself."

Which cocktail gets overlooked the most?
Answer: Little Italy 

"The Little Italy is a great apertivo cocktail, or before dinner cocktail, that is underestimated. The brûlée espuma on top gives it a great flavor sensation when playing off the sweet yet bitter profile of both the Amaros used and the house made strawberry/ vinegar shrub. Definitely a modern take using products created over 100 years ago."