Insider Secrets: How to Get a Window Table at George's at the Cove

We have one of the most amazing views in the United States. Really. I work here every day and I am still mesmerized by that gorgeous view of La Jolla Cove and the vast Pacific ocean. So, of course, every guest who visits asks for a window table. And yes, I mean every guest.

At George's, it's our mission to deliver an exceptional dining experience. We work diligently to make our service and food the best it can be. But, we only have so many window seats. So, I thought it might be helpful to share a few tips on how to get these coveted seats, along with some insider secrets you may not have known.

California Modern

California Modern is our signature fine dining restaurant which occupies the first floor. Guests enjoy Chef Trey's innovative menu which changes constantly, and the dining environment is contemporary yet comfortable. We have floor-to-ceiling windows with sweeping views of the ocean. And we have seven window tables.

You can increase your chances of reserving one of these seven tables by making a reservation for right when we open (6pm Monday-Thursday, 5:30pm Friday-Sunday). Then, check in a few minutes early and ask our host for a window seat. Chances are VERY GOOD you'll get one.

It takes most guests an average of 2-2.5 hours to dine with us here. So, these tables will typically be available again 2-2.5 hours later. Also, if you can't get a window table, don't worry—the next best tables are one row back and the ocean views are spectacular.

The Ocean Terrace

The Ocean Terrace is our casual dining restaurant with a more traditional menu. It occupies the top floor of George's and it is completely outdoors. We have stationary heaters and umbrellas. We have blankets for the cooler nights. The view is majestic. And we have nine window tables.

You can increase your chances of reserving one of these nine tables by again coming in right when we open (11am for lunch, 4:30pm for dinner daily). Most weekends in the summer there is a line down the stairs when we open, so show up a few minutes early. We seat in order of arrival.

It typically takes most guests an average of one hour to dine with us here—unless its sunset, then it takes 1.5-2 hours. The tables turn accordingly. The next best tables are the tall tables in the back. You can see over everyone’s heads and it's nice and breezy.


A lot of our guests forget about our middle level, Level2, but we've recently given the space a complete overhaul with expanded seating and a fresh new perspective on George’s famous ocean view. We've also made a commitement to cocktails at Level2 where you’ll find proprietary recipes and our twist on the classics, along with unique punches, sours, coolers and more. But, we still only have so many window tables.

You can again increase your chances of reserving a window seat by arriving early with the willingness to wait (the wait times are generally shorter here than on the Ocean Terrace and the hours are the same). If you choose an inside table instead, you won't be disappointed. The breezes coming in from the open air deck make the indoor seats feel like you're outdoors.

More Insider Tips

  • Make a reservation and let us know you're willing to wait for a window. When you arrive, check-in with our host and remind us that you'd like to wait. Then, grab a drink or take a walk around La Jolla and come back to sit at your window table. Good things come to those who wait.
  • Did you know that Table of Friends subscribers enjoy perks like special surprises on birthdays and anniversaries? Special occasions are always a little more special with surprises.
  • The city of La Jolla doesn't illuminate the cove like they do the shores. So, you aren’t missing a thing after sunset. Plus, we promise that the outstanding food and service will be the same regardless of where you sit.