KPBS Radio FM-"These Days": Using Spring Produce To Cook Delicious Vegetarian Dishes

Trey Foshee and other guests discuss vegetarian dishes on the Food Hour with Maureen Cavanaugh.

"I think number one is texture for me. It needs to have a variety of textures on the plate. That keeps your interest. And especially with vegetables, if you’re just eating a plate of everything’s crunchy, you lose interest. If you eat something that’s all soft, you lose interest. So there needs to be a balance of textures. That can come from grains, that can come from a puree that’s on the plate, a little bit of a raw element to the same vegetable maybe that the puree’s made with. Something that adds crunch and interest to your mouth."

—Maureen Cavanaugh, Natalie Walsh, These Days Archive

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