Meet Our Team: Mike Grave

mike grave

A great team is the backbone of any restaurant and we're lucky to have our third floor Ocean Terrace run by one of the best in the business. Meet Mike Grave, Ocean Terrace general manager during the day, beer aficionado at night. Mike joined us from Stone Brewing. Here's a little more about Mike...

What's your favorite dish on the Terrace and why?

"Seaweed-Sesame Crusted Tombo. I love seared Tuna/Albacore and the miso vinaigrette has such a tasty sweet and savory note. It reminds me of when I used to live in Hawaii because of how they are influenced by Japanese cuisine. It’s filling, but not heavy which means I will still have room for dessert!"

What's your favorite memory at George's?

"In September, we had a buyout on the Ocean Terrace for a relatively small group given the space. The staff had a blast and everything went super easy and smooth. The guests all left complementing our service and telling everyone what a great time they had. It stands out because everyone worked together and worked hard but everyone (staff and guests) seemed genuinely happy with their experience."

What's one thing our guests may not know about George's?

On the Ocean Terrace, we start every shift with a meeting where we go over important notes for the day. Bit, it's also a chance for us to create some team bonding and relationship building; it starts the shift as a unit and sets the tone for the shift.

Next time you're at the restaurant, stop by and say hi to Mike. He'd be happy to show you La Jolla's best view from our Ocean Terrace and Ocean Terrace Bar.