Meet Our Team: Sam Peters

Sam Peters

A great team is the backbone of any restaurant and we're feeling extra thankful this time of the year. That's why we'd like to acknowledge some of our amazing staff members starting with Sam Peters.

Sam has grown with the George's team from bartender to Level2 Manager to our current Beverage Director and we're lucky to have him on board. Here's a little more about Sam...

What's your favorite cocktail?

"My favorite cocktail is actually available on our Ocean Terrace and is the Spicy Pina Margarita. Using authentic So-Cal favors, we recreated a George's classic by refining the recipe and creating a balanced cocktail that is approachable to all."

What's your favorite memory at George's?

"My favorite memory is when I became a bartender back in 2014. I remember the fear I had walking into my first training shift after watching cocktail videos and reading menu specs the night before. Funny to think four years later I would be in charge of the bar and our entire drink program, but the support and trust we have in our employees is the reason we are able to grow both in innovation and refinement."

Next time you're at the restaurant, stop by and say hi to Sam. He'd be happy to fix you a cocktail at any one of our three dining levels.