Review: Chuckeats - TBL3

Review: Chuckeats - TBL3

Sometimes, a touch of serendipity will light a spark.

Table Three, arguably the best seat at Georges California Modern, looks out over the Pacific Ocean. Squint seconds after the sun sets and you just might catch that elusive green flash. Blue, orange, pink, and yellow fade to black as blips of light, fishing vessels, dot the darkness, possibly netting tomorrow’s catch. It is that impossible contradiction – a table with a great view and better food.

Table Three was born out of my last meal at Georges California Modern – where I asked Chef Trey Foshee to “go for it” – and it is now the menu’s official name...Playing with form and expectation, Foshee successfully captured and plated a sense of time and place for Southern California during that initial meal.


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