Review: Trey Foshee, Vegetable Whisperer - TBL3

Review: Trey Foshee, Vegetable Whisperer - TBL3

Vegetables from Chino Farms rarely disappoint, and Trey Foshee is their whisperer.

...Another perennial course, the components of the salad vary with the seasons - on this night we were presented with nasturtium and wood sorrel, accompanied by nasturtium honey and a verdant stinging nettle purée. Nestled in the center of the herbs, the sweet and ever-delicious natal plum sorbet. Finally, giant wild pine nuts with their preternaturally earthy flavour...
[Wild Salad Course Shown Above]

A few years since its inception, TBL3 is still the best meal in San Diego. Although his imprint on the tasting menu is not readily apparent to me yet (or he's doing a very good job channeling Trey), new chef de cuisine Jonathan Bautista brings talent and pedigree - I'm hoping to see more from him as he settles in. In the meantime, won't someone (anyone?) rise up and try to knock the king off his throne?


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