Review: San Diego Daily Transcript - Dining at George's at the Cove

Savories and Sunsets

Two of the greatest magnets that draw visitors to San Diego are its casual beach lifestyle and its sunsets. There are few places in the world where it is so consistently enjoyable to relax over a drink or meal as the sun sinks into the sea. Georges at the Cove in La Jolla has achieved a tremendous following because it offers a magnificent venue in which to do so.

Georges at the Cove is eponymous with its founding partner, George Hauer, who has won numerous awards as a restaurateur and industry leader. He began his career as a waiter, then went into management. The location he chose for his own restaurant could not have been better, a multi-tiered operation in a picturesque La Jolla business center with stunning views of the famous cove and the curving sweep of the coastline.

—David Rottenberg,

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