Review: The Ulterior Epicure - TBL3

Review: The Ulterior Epicure - TBL3

Some places are closer to paradise than others. Table 3 is one of them.

Directly outside the window is the ocean, where fishing boats bob deep into the night. Up the road is Chino Farms, whence arrives corn and melon, sweet as candy, and a rainbow of vegetables, crisp and perfect. And in the kitchen is Trey Foshee, chef and partner of George’s at the Cove.

Here is a happy tale of how a blogger – a food blogger – acted as a catalyst for positive change. For Table 3 was born out of a dialogue initiated by my friend chuckeats with Trey. The objective was simple: express and showcase the best of what was available: outside the window, up the road, in the kitchen, and in the dining room, where the best table – the third one in from either end of a stretch of picture windows, front and center overlooking La Jolla beach – would find; our friends, Miss O.M.G. and Villa Vixen; and me for a wonderful night of eating.

—The Ulterior Epicure

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