Review: Wild Simplicity at TBL3

Review: Wild Simplicity at TBL3 everything that George’s can do, and then some.

Recently, San Diego Reader food critic, Ian Pike, sat down for TBL3, our 14-course showcase of Chef Trey Foshee's food philosophy. TBL3 is not a meal for everyone, it requires you to put yourself in our hands for the evening and embrace the lifestyle, ingredients and sense of place that is San Diego. But, Mr. Pike was ready. Below is an excerpt from his review:

...But I want to talk about salads. Because the salads were what blew minds..."Wild salad" foraged in La Jolla. A simple ring of fennel, nasturtiums, sorrel, puréed nettles, and pine nuts, with a quenelle of sorbet made from the beach plums that grow all over town. It was perfect, with a balance of flavor so delicate that it was hard to discern where one taste ended and another began.

It was that sense of perfection which characterized every plate of TBL3 (though the salad was perhaps the most perfect), and it’s hard to claim that there is better food out there. Because TBL3’s beauty is in its simplicity, there are restaurants in the world that prepare more elaborate cuisine — employing science, trickery, and hordes of unpaid stagiaires — but perfecting the salad, as does George’s with TBL3, is true magic...

—Ian Pike, San Diego Reader