San Diego On A Plate with Trey Foshee (Video)

San Diego On A Plate with Trey Foshee (Video)

Take a look inside the California Modern kitchen with Trey Foshee. In this video, Trey shares how the climate, lifestyle, and natural beauty of San Diego have inspired his culinary approach.

"San Diego has so much to offer," he says. "We have a healthy lifestyle, we have a beautiful coastline, we have a climate that allows for year round growing conditions, access to the ocean for inspiration, for exercise, for product. All this influences who we are as a restaurant."



A Story Told On The Plate

"Some of the chefs I respect the most are those that channel to some extent their natural environment. Not only by harvesting local ingredients, but, also inspiring the actual menu. We're in a sunny, healthy coastal place in the food should speak to that."

"What we're striving for at California Modern is to give a sense of the San Diego experience through food, and to distill living in this environment to a story that is told on the plate."

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