San Diego Reader: The View from TBL3—Part 1

San Diego Reader: The View from TBL3—Part 1

A free look at a pricey, but delicious dining experience at George's California Modern.

It’s always good to be in with the chef, but sometimes it really pays off. Case in point for me—on a recent trip to George’s California Modern...executive chef Trey Foshee was in the process of serving one of his special TBL3 menus to a table of epicureans and graciously allowed me to partake.

For those who’ve never heard of it, TBL3 is a special dining experience, a 12- to 14-course menu made up of some of Foshee’s more elaborate and experimental dishes. Guests can call ahead to take part. The price tag is hefty, but the cavalcade of imaginative, expertly prepared, and downright artful plates that emerge from the kitchen will justify the cost for those afflicted with the foodie virus.

— Brandon Hernández,

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