Smoked Jidori Chicken at California Modern

Jidori Smoked Chicken

At California Modern, we celebrate San Diego through our ever-changing menu. Locally sourced, seasonal ingredients are the heart of our kitchen. Read on as chef de cuisine Jonathan Bautista shares his perspective on an outstanding new dish to try:

Smoked Jidori Chicken

"At California Modern we have a four step process for our Jidori Chicken. On the first day we brine our chickens on the breast bone for 24 hours. The next day they are pulled from the liquid and air chilled for another 24 hours on cooling racks. After that they are cold smoked with Applewood chips for 1 hour. Finally we roast them on the crown until golden brown.

To accompany the dish we serve roasted and fried Chino Farms purple sweet potatoes tossed in sherry vinegar. The potatoes are super sweet during this time of the year. On the bottom, we add a smooth orange sweet potato puree that gives the dish a contrast of color and subtle sweetness. It really showcases the two different varieties and applications of sweet potatoes available from Chino Farms.

To contrast with the sweetness presented in the dish we also roast a couple different types of brassicas which include baby brussels, kaleidoscopes (a hybrid of kale and Brussel sprout), and broccoli with their leaves. In my recent trip to Paris I had a really good dish at Passage 53 with a French variety of chicken that was accompanied by mustard and a cheddar sauce. So with that inspiration we serve the chicken with a jus of its own bones with whole grain mustard and a light froth of aged cheddar. At last we garnish with some Chino farms mustard frill." 

Wine Pairing


California Modern general manager Matt Strickler: "With our new Smoked Jidori Chicken dish I decided to pair a beautifully aged Bordeaux from Chateau Bellevue. Now when hearing the word Bordeaux, you might think big bold red, a wine that might be too tannic, too huge for the subtlety of a well executed chicken dish, and more often than not you would be right. 

In this case however I have chosen a 1998 Saint-Emilion. The Bordeaux sub region of Saint-Emilion lies on the right bank of the Gironde river estuary, with more clay soil types where the Merlot grape thrives. The blend of grapes in Saint-Emilion wines are always Merlot dominant, giving the wines softer edges, a little easier tannin and body than their left bank counterparts, which are Cabernet Sauvignon dominant. This '98 from Chateau Bellevue in particular, with 20 years of age, is especially delicate, floral and approachable. 

When I heard Chef Jon's explanation of his inspiration for this plate I knew that the wine pairing had to be French and that the wine would have to be nuanced, balanced and expressive. Having recently tasted and purchased the '98 Bellevue, I knew that the flavors, the inspiration and the terroir would marry beautifully. I hope you enjoy this pairing as much as I do. Cheers!"

With our nightly dinner menus, we strive to provide a flavor-forward dining adventure for guests to encounter a sense of place, a sense of time and an element of surprise. Come join the conversation and dine with us a California Modern.

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