Jidori Smoked Chicken

Smoked Jidori Chicken at California Modern

At California Modern, we celebrate San Diego through our ever-changing menu. Locally sourced, seasonal ingredients are the heart of our kitchen. Read on as chef de cuisine Jonathan Bautista shares his perspective on an outstanding new dish to try.

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8-Course Chef's Tasting Menu at California Modern

8 Reasons To Try Our 8-Course Chef's Tasting Menu

A memorable meal captures a time and place like nothing else.

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Recipe: Grilled Lettuces with Persimmons, Yogurt, Pistachios & Smoked Butter

Robust and flavorful, this delicious grilled lettuces dish with persimmon, yogurt, pistachios and smoked butter is the perfect complement to grilled steak or chicken and is sure to impress guests at your next dinner party or backyard soiree.

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A Look at Kombucha: The Elixir of Life

Kombucha (aka "the elixir of life") has become increasingly popular in recent years. The fermented tea just became one of America's fastest-growing bottled drinks and researchers say that the global kombucha market is estimated to exceed $1.5 billion by 2022. But, where did kombucha come from, what exactly is it, and why are countless health nuts latching on to the drink like it’s the fountain of youth? Let’s take a look.

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California Modern Voted One of USA's Top 100 Restaurants

George's California Modern was recently named in the OAD 2015 U.S. Top 100 Restaurants Poll saying "Located in the heart of La Jolla Village, the combination of solid food and an exceptional view make it the best restaurant between Los Angeles and the Mexican border."

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We're planning a special menu at California Modern this Thanksgiving and you're invited.

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Instagram Takeover at LA Food & Wine

LA Food & Wine Festival

Experience the 5th Annual LA Food & Wine Festival from a chef's perspective as Chef de Cuisine Jonathan Bautista takes us behind the scenes.

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champagne pairing dinner

Champagne Pairing Dinner With Jason Knibb

Join us on Wednesday, June 28 for a special champagne pairing dinner at California Modern.

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Chef Justin Cogley Collaboration Dinner

Special Collaboration Dinner with Chef Cogley

On Monday, May 22, we're excited to welcome Chef Justin Cogley to our California Modern kitchen for an evening of inventive food, drinks and fun. He will join forces with our own Culinary Director and Partner, Trey Foshee, and Chef de Cuisine Jonathan Bautista for a special collaboration dinner where their cooking styles will intersect.

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Cauliflower Rigatoni at California Modern

At California Modern, our passion is telling the San Diego story through food. Today we're excited to share this dish from our always-changing menu, with insight from California Modern chef de cuisine Jonathan Bautisa. Come try this dish!

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