The Ultimate Ice Cube

In the last half of this decade, we have seen a rise in conscientious cocktails, from the use of fresh produce and boutique spirits to seeking out organic and natural ingredients free from preservatives. Modern mixologists have been reviving trade secrets and methods long lost, as well as pioneering new territory in layering techniques and infusions, not to mention the search for the ultimate ice cube.

At George’s at the Cove, we've always taken pride in the use of fresh juices and premium products to make our refreshing array of specialty libations, and now we’ve taken the next step. We recently invested in a very special ice maker. This precision machine is made by KOLD-DRAFT, a company specializing in commercial restaurant cooling devices since 1920, and it produces pure ice “upside-down.” Water is pumped “up” into the cells and freezes from the outside in, resulting in a perfect, pure ice cube free from minerals, foreign substances and air pockets. Many of the most respected bars in New York and San Francisco have used this machine for years. We are now one of only two establishments to possess this ice wonder in San Diego County.

I know, you’re probably thinking... What does this have to do with my gin and tonic?

Here’s the deal. This perfect ice cube melts slower, cooling without watering down your cocktail. To a scotch drinker this is an amazing boon. The addition of a bit of pure water opens up the bouquet and palate of a quality single malt scotch. Drop two of these ice cubes in and you’ve got perfectly purified frozen water which will open up the whiskey without adding too much foreign liquid, and there will still remain a formed ice cube long keeping your scotch cool after conventional ice cubes would have disappeared.

With shaken cocktails, this rule also applies. In a typical shake of a martini you might end up with 1.5 to 2 ounces of water burned off from normal ice that steals the flavor of your high-end vodka. That decreases to .5 to 1 ounce of water from the KOLD-DRAFT cubes. Plus the rectangular shape and solid quality lends itself to bruise the liquor better creating a velvety texture to your martini that you’ve likely not yet experienced.

I encourage you to come experience this difference first hand. Whether you’re in the mood for a perfectly shaken Pisco Sour or a carefully crafted Xolo, you’ll taste the enhancement of the perfect ice cube and fall in love with your favorite spirit all over again.