Review: George’s California Modern is Chez Trey

This is a recent review by local food writer Caron Golden for San Diego News Network. I was really excited to see how she represented what we're doing at California Modern, which is exposing flavor combinations in new ways and having fun. Her closing words sum up exactly what we hope everyone has when they come in for dinner—a blast.

On a recent summer weekday evening, the dining room was filled with customers who were doing what now seems to be a common pastime in restaurants—taking photos of each dish that arrived at their table. The servers were just attentive enough without hovering, and not only offered welcome suggestions for wines to accompany each dish, but at the end of the meal presented me with cards listing the wines I’d tried. Between the sleek décor, the cool jazz in the background, and the inventive dishes coming out of the kitchen, I found myself doing something I hadn’t done much of at George’s in the past with the very proper older folks in a very proper setting—having a blast. This was no longer staid George’s, but a lively, sophisticated restaurant that keeps fuss to a minimum and fresh flavors at the forefront.