Vegetarians Welcome

Too often, vegetarian options at restaurants are an afterthought. A hasty substitution of meat for tofu, or an omission of protein entirely.

At George's California Modern, each dish on our daily menu is an answer to the question: which local ingredients are freshest today? So the inclusion of multiple vegetarian starters and entrees is not only surprisingly easy (we're already featuring fresh produce in all our dishes), but also essential to our core vision of serving what we call "San Diego on a plate."

San Diego is home to the highest number of family-owned farms in California and the most certified organic farms in the country. Whether the dish is a celebration of Chino Farms corn in August, vibrant sprouting cauliflower, distinctive celeriac, an autumn harvest of sweet carrots—whatever local fruits and vegetables just came in season, we want it to be as substantial, unique and delicious as any meat or seafood dish we serve.

Please take a close look at the many vegetarian offerings on our menu. And on your next visit, engage your server's knowledge of the diverse and exciting preparations for vegetarian dining, vegan, gluten-free, and other dietary accommodations.

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California Modern

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